profile-1I always appreciated fine arts. I would spend hours in an art gallery marveling at the masterpieces. When I was living in the Prairies with my young family, I decided to take art classes. I was fortunate to learn the basics and various techniques from an accomplished artist, Francis Pedley. During that period of time, I worked with pencil, charcoal and oil. Under the direction of Francis, my sketch “The Drama Masks Mobile” was chosen as the template for the mural painted on the exterior wall of the local theatre.
At that time, art was a distraction and an escape from the busyness of child rearing. Most of all, this is where I began my journey into the art world.
After moving to Cornwall, Ontario, I was occupied with the work I did serving seniors at the Glen Stor Dun Lodge, a long term care home. Before long, I dragged out my art supplies and started painting at the McCormick Art Studio. Later, I began exploring other medium and took watercolour lessons from Kathi LeGault. Today, I am attempting acrylic, oil, Chinese ink, mixed media and batik. Art has evolved into a journey of self-discovery, a therapy and a spiritual expression. I hope you enjoy touring my gallery.

A note about Zen Den: Zen Den is the name coined by a Social Worker friend of mine, who created a peaceful and welcoming counselling space for his clients. Once you entered, you are absorbed into the quiet tranquility. I love the concept so much that I shamelessly adopted it.  Thanks Craig.